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Hampstead Theatre

Written by Jonathan Spector
Directed by Chelsea Walker
Sound Design & Composition by Holly Khan 
Design by Blythe Brett

Lighting Design by Bethany Gupwell

Video Design by Duncan McLean

Movement Direction by Michela Meazza

Dialect by Gurkiran Kaur

Illusion Consultancy by Scott Penrose

Associate Video Design by Stanley-Orwin Fraser

Photography by The Other Richard



‘The biggest stars of This Much I Know are director Chelsea Walker, Designer Blythe Brett, and Lighting Designer Bethany Gupwell. The three work together to create something both precise and surprising, creating first a lecture theatre and then a wide range of settings and atmospheres…’


‘Much of the action takes place in an austere lecture theatre, all stiff grey carpet and white walls, but Bethany Gupwell’s clear lighting design lends additional dimension: deep shadows close in during moments of introspection; flares of dazzling white light suggest the flashes of paparazzi cameras.’

Nominated in the 2023 Offies for Best Lighting Design

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