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The Orange Tree Theatre

Written by 
Directed by Matthew Xia
Designed by Hyemi Shin

Sound Design by Lex Kosanke
Lighting Design by Bethany Gupwell

Photography By Helen Murray

'Matthew Xia directs with sensitivity and Bethany Gupwell’s lighting design is particularly evocative, working hard to ground this thoughtful play.'

- The Guardian -

'In a scene where Yvette imagines speaking to the man her daughter injured, Bethany Gupwell’s lighting design frames Yvette in the doorway, working beautifully with Xia’s blocking to throw a thread of connection between Yvette and “Mr David Egan”.'

- The Arts Desk -

'At times, thanks to Bethany Gupwell’s thoughtful lighting, the furniture is so unobtrusive that it’s perfectly possible to believe the scene is an Indian rice field, or a hotel room.'

- TheatreReviewsHub -

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